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Green Day's Quotes

Here are some of their quotes I've found online often.

Click here to find out what Billie Joe quote you are!

Billie Joe :
- "Are you canadian? Oh, ok, cause you sure as hell acting like one right now."
- "Just about 99% of the population masturbates, the other 1% lie about it."
- "It's fun until someone gets hurt ... then it's hilarious."
- "Never run in the rain with your socks on."
- "I'm not as depressed as I used to be. The Prozac's working!"
- "There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it."
- "I sound like an Englishman impersonating an American impersonating an Englishman."

Mike Dirnt :
- "Dogs are gonna take over the world. It's a known fact for those who believe it, kinda like the Bible."
- "Green Day is like sex, when we're good, we're really good, when we're bad ... we're still pretty damn good."
- "I'll remember 1994 as the year that ... ate shit ..."
- "We write music for ourselves and if other people like it, that's great."
- "I'm gonna be cremated. I don't want to be stuck in any box. Maybe they'll bury me upside down and plant a seed in my ass."
- "It's no use analyzing your life the whole time. Those analyses won't help when you're dead."
- "All of my religious beliefs are based on Star Wars."

Tre Cool :
- "Mmm, you can almost smell the burning pork ... Hey, you ever thrown rocks at cops?"
- "I wanna survive an avalanche, I wanna be one of those people a dog finds burried under a ton of snow almost dying of starvation."
- "They should legalize pot, do it! Do it!!!"
- "I don't understand what Billie just said so, I'll talk about chickens...."
- "It used to be Mike, but lately I've been catching up." (on who's most accident prone)
- "I don't see anything on it, all I see is shows. There is never anything on it. Just MTV talking about how cool MTV is." (on MTV)
- "I can suck my own."
-"(I didn't pinch your butt) You just pinched your own butt." (lmao just had to add that - probably one of my favorite Tre Quotes ... it was on Saturday Night Live when he was talking to Cameron Diez if you're wondering).

Wake up - the house is on fire

And the cat's caught in the dryer!