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Codes for your favorite Green Day songs and Vids

21 Guns is definitely my favorite hit off of 21st Century Breakdown. The video is brilliant, too!

I just HAD to add this Hope On A Rope show - considering it was an AWESOME performance and I'm shown in the clip a bit if you look hard enough : )

Hilarious clip where Billie Joe discusses marijuana with Bill Maher and how he uses it!

I LOVE Naomi's voice. I try to imitate her all the time on piano, but honestly, who can match those vocals?!

Green Day at Woodstock II in 1994. Haha, yep, Billie Joe is friggen pissed off ... they all are, for that matter ... not to mention all the mud! Epic clip here.

The Foxboro Hot Tubs music video for Stop, Drop and Roll!!!

No idea what this is from (some lame show in Britain, from the looks of it), but Green Day pretty much just take over the show and start playing The Grouch. Awesome.

Probably the cutest song Billie Joe has ever created--Minnesota Girl; Adrienne is one lucky bitch :)

Green Day Videos

Wake up - the house is on fire

And the cat's caught in the dryer!