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February 21, 2009 - Oh God, I've done it again. I add to this blog another year later (just like my last post)! So, I've changed. Mucho. SO much has happened to me since the last post; on a personal level, I'd have to say that 2008 was one of the best years EVER for me (and worst in some ways). I got a job at Chick - Fil - A for eight months: March 2008 - October 2008 (and I swore I'd never work there); quite a few interesting experiences there such as flying out of a drive thru window and cleaning up urine in the play tunnels. Good old times. I had a surprise sixteenth birthday party (much appreciated) and my parents took me to a water-park with some friends for my actual birthday. I learned to drive (and almost ran over a couple of evil bikers in the parks and almost got myself killed on a main road)! I attempted to start a band with Brian Shell - this one kid I used to go to school with, but he graduated - our 'experimental band' met twice for jamming and none of us in it played the same song at the same time (for example, I'd be playing 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on my bass, and someone else would be playing 'School's Out,' and then someone else would be playing 'Crazy Train.' Failure, right?). Got drunk for my first time (that was pretty bad, might I add - not going into it). I went on a seven - day - long mission trip with my youth group in New York City, Philly, and Pittsburgh; it was pretty inspirational. Let's just say that I made many new friends, got into a midnight fight, got lost on the subway, ended up in Delaware for reasons unknown, broke three mirrors and a chandelier, had an interesting experience in the showers (ahem, no one may hear of it) - I could continue, but I shant bore you to tears (I probably all ready did)! I started a band with some of the members of my youth group - we're called Without HIM . . . Pretty fun - me and D-Legg also had an experimental band with jam time (turned out much better than the other experiment)! I also dated numerous douchebags and only God knows why (I ended up dumping four or five guys that year)! So yes, yes. That is my life. I've also been looking around at colleges *gasp*! And it scares me, yet excites me at the same time; everyone has that feeling, though. I'm done rambling, though. I just thought I'd update my life (and recap what happened to Green Day the past year in my news section) for the hell of it. Hopefully I get on here more this year? Who knows? I can't predict any of my actions anymore.

January 3, 2008- Yet again, another new year! Ha. Who would have thought I wouldn't post in this for a whole new year?! Well, I guess I could have predicted that. Here goes my oh-so corny recap of 2007! Well, about a month after dating Sean, we just sort of stopped seeing each other and haven't talked to each other since. I got my first real job at a dry cleaners; something even I hadn't assumed would happen; and I worked for some Korean man who couldn't even speak English fluently and tended to mistake chicken for hot dogs. I improved my running in cross country - go me?! Ha. I went to Warped Tour for my first time up in Cleveland. Unfortunately, the whole gig got rained / hailed upon right in the middle of it so everything was shut down for an hour - however, I managed to see The Rocket Summer, Boys Like Girls (yuck - I blame Tony, lol, no offense to him)!, Hawthorne Heights and Tiger Army!!!!! I also met a new band called Split Fifty - they sheltered Rachelle, Tony and I while it began to rain cats and dogs! Ha, they're pretty nice guys. Anyway, this past year, I got to go to Cedar Point with my friend Gabi and I managed to get her to ride the Millenium Force; that ride is friggen awesome! I'd recommend that ride to ANYONE! Even if you're a 78 year old gramma with herpes! Heh, I'm a tad bit eccentric today, so excuse me. Ahem, well, I also learned to play bass guitar and barritone horn for my marching band; yes, tis weird how I like big instruments yet I myself am practically a hobbit! Ha, I also was in two of my school plays! I believe I'm somewhat improving, you know? My first tryout for Annie in the spring musical was a bit shaky; but I wasn't near as bad for our fall comedy, May the Farce Be With You. Heh, but I only had a three liner, lol. I beat out twenty kids, though, so not SO bad. I also went to solo/ensemble with a piano solo; I got rated a 2, which is similar to an A- or B...somewhere around there, so not too shabby! Ha. I also saw Trendy again, ha, of course! In the spring, me and Ash went to one of their concerts out at the Grog Shop instead of going to our marching band banquet : P And this summer, I visited Chicago with my family - I love that city! I also managed to get my dad to take me into a recording studio twice! I've finally started recording some of my own music! I've got four songs...well, more like seven fully written but I'm only starting out with four. I'm going to try and start a band when I'm finished with them; which may be soon. I completely missed my birhtday this year, since it was on Easter : ( But my Grandma's birthday was fun; it was at a comedy club out in Erie, PA and I got my first taste of alcohal : ) Heh, I'm prude, shut up. I got my very first detention in my life from this new Algebra II/ Trig teacher I was unfortunate to get this year. I managed to ace my Honors Biology course last school year (aka 'Final of Death) : D I also got obsessed with Guitar Hero games and I'm half-way through expert on all three games! ha. And we got five days of snow / cold days last school year! My family got mad at my old church so I had to drop out of my church choir just recently and we joined a new church called 'John Knox Presbytyrian' and it's pretty fun there. I got Joe Mitchell to join marching band, ha twas hillarious. Sarah and I teepeed my own house because we chickened out on teepeeing Ben or Jeffs! Much more did happen, I'm sure, but those were just some of the basics of 2007! And I've tortured you enough if you've actually read this far! Well, I may or may not be back to post more. Not much is up with Green Day : / But they are doing a side project, 'Foxboro Hot Tubs' at the moment! Which is sorta cool, yup. I put up a new poll, but that's about it for the moment! Peace out!

January 13, 2007- New year now, I guess! I'm actually having one of my best years yet - not meaning to brag! I have a good feeling about this year - but last year really sucked so it's about time some good started happening! I don't know, maybe I'm just happy with my life right now; who knows?! I've finally got a boy friend that actually lives in my town - his name's Sean; he's two years older than me and everyone keeps asking me (mainly dudes)! 'Hey, are you going out with that emo junior guy?' I'll just be like "Yeah - and you have no clue what the fuck emo is!' I really hate how people just label others because they dress different or they have different friends and blah dee blah dee blah! Really, he's more of a loner ... he has a sort of band thing going too; lead singer. He loves martial arts - but I don't wanna bore you with info on him! Anyway, I don't know - I'm just really glad I'm finally dating someone that is actually from my school - never thought I'd actually have a boyfriend. I literally believed I was screwed, until now! And my Dad's finally got me some recording time - I'm finally making my demo CD ... naming it '1994' by 'The Mashed Potatoes.' Check my band out on myspace sometime! I'll be sure to upload music once the demo CD's done! Yes, I'm proud to say I'm a one person band right now - but I can change that! Ah, and I'm so nervous - well, not really but I have to take freshmen exams this next week at school so I'm gonna be pretty stressed with the studying and all! I need to sleep now, really ... sooooooo dead ...

December 21, 2006- Yes, I had my party tonight; the one with Aaron Brooks (from Trendy). Man, he sounded even better than I thought he would sound alone; I'm just real used to him having Jay and Davey playing with him I guess! Seriously, I can't say how much he reminds me of Billie Joe - only he's ten years younger (exactly, no serious, his birthday's February 19) and comes from Cleveland. He was a real sweet guy - even though my parents think he's probably a dick cause of how he dresses! Isn't that I don't know - no real word for it but my parents don't seem to judge people that fair. I bet if I weren't my parents kid, they'd just look at me and stick their noses up in the air - they'd think I'd be just as bad! *sighs* Aarons folks are actually worse - he told us and from what I heard, I was like, 'god, I'm sorry.' They were like mine only stricter - imagine that?! At times, I felt like I completely understood Aaron - like we had a lot in common - we really did. He played - great! It was funny; especially 'emo puppy' song. Gabby's face was hilarious when she heard it the first time . . . I don't know. I felt really unwanted though - at my own party! Am I nuts or what? I was fine, in the beginning but then, I got worse and worse - man, I felt like shit. I mean, I could tell my friends didn't want me there - no lie! I have these feelings I get. Maybe it's depression, maybe, I don't know. I just KNEW I felt bad. Sometimes, you can't explain feelings - they come from somewhere, you just don't want to explain it. I don't want to get into any more details on the party or anything though - heck, who knows who's reading this?! That's the one thing I don't like about blogs. ANYONE can read them. It's not the same as a personal journal. Call me stupid - I'm posting my feelings on my website where anyone can reach them but heck, I gotta get my feelings out. It's not like most of the people who would read this know who I am so NO MATTER! I'm going to go to bed now, though. It's near - wait, no. PAST midnight and I have a fricken dentist appointment at eight fifty in the morning tomorrow - ain't that a bitch?! Jesus, I gotta' get to bed . . . and WHOA I just realized how much I just wrote! This is my longest blog entry and heck, I didn't even want to write anything!

November 30, 2006- I'm really glad that Green Day's teamed up with NRDC now. I hate how people say, 'Oh, that's not punk - it's the stupidest thing ever,' about this. I don't think those 'punks' understand that within the course of twenty years, the worlds natural resources will most likely be out. And I'm not just saying that to scare people! We're learning all about this in my Global Interactions class right now ... how ironic! But not really. It's not only the U.S. using up the resources; I learned that China is also one of these major 'users,' and that when us kids are all grown up, US and China will most likely be two of the worlds largest powers. Only problem, we'll be so low on resources by then. It's horrible - the ozone layer is growing extremely thin by our polluting the air as well. Within nearly a hundred years, (at the rate we're going) there may not BE an ozone layer which means the suns ultra violet rays will hit the Earth and BANG! here comes global warming! Sure, you may think, 'Yes, but I'll be dead by then.' You may not be alive then (actually, I HOPE you're not alive then)! but your grandkids will be - and your children. I really do appreciate Green Day helping out with this. So, go to their site at and click on the NRDC link. Ok, my little say's done; gotta' go to choir with a bunch of old people now - yay old people!

November 14, 2006- I'm really excited . . . I'm getting to go sing for this one dude in Jimmy Buffets band for a show in Cleveland . . . tickets are $35 and all so it ain't the cheapest gig in the world! The ironic thing is these dudes in my phys. ed class are always trying to get me to sing 'Margaritaville' and now, I guess I will be at this gig! I checked out the dude, Jim Mayers music . . . it's actually pretty funny in my opinion! Kind of jazzy yet pointless songs about turkey, brocoli, rain, diapers, etc. This is gonna be fun; well I don't know for sure yet but I'll find out I guess - the show's on December 3, 2006! Also, I'm gonna have to play for orchestra as well as band now since the first two chairs in each section have to play with them. That lady's a real bitch if you ask me!!! Well it's late, I've got to study now.

November 9, 2006- The levy did pass, so I'm not going to a private school now! As much as I hate my school now, I'd hate to go to a private school more - I've been to a private school and aw shit, I just realized I had a great time at the private school I went to : ( but only cause I was one of the most popular kids in my class - but it was first grade so it doesn't matter. Also, I ended up not having to do my bio project because we ran out of class time so no worries there! I'm kind of mad at my friend Ash right now - she promised me we could work out my song 'Forever and a Day' this weekend at her place (she's going to play guitars on the demo) but part of me thinks she's giving me bullshit again. I'm starting to believe no one's going to help me out with this song except my brother : ( at least he's loyal. Ah, today was one of the nicest days Clevelands had in a while - me and Katie played out in my backyard with a boomerang; we got it caught on the roof of my garage (more like I did)! and let me tell you, we looked like quite a site trying to get it down; my mom thought we were nuts! Choir went nice tonight at the church - we got tons of new Christmas music though - one of the songs was pretty damned funny though because it sounded like a little kids song ... it's kind of gay but sadly I can sing really well to it - probably because my voice still sounds like a kids' voice! And there's a couple other high schoolers coming now - well they're seniors so I still feel young as hell (considering I look more like 12 than 14)! Last, here's the link to my report on euthanasia - it probably sucks but it's for English class : My English Essay <- - - click there!

November 7, 2006- Well, I really hope the levy passed for my town - otherwise it means I'm off to old private school at Lutheran West (that's not good). Plus, if our levy doesn't pass, they're taking away all sports, after school clubs, all music classes and even honors classes! I'm in a lot of honors classes, I love my music, and I would be mad if I couldn't be in cross country - as much as I despised my coach at times! Anyway, on a brighter side (gotta have hope in the levy)! well I made second chair in band auditions; not bad considering I'm a freshman clarinet and their are five clarinets! Gabi just told me today since she saw the sign on the door when she went to drama pracitce. But it's strange not being first chair - I ALWAYS was first chair in middle school; no one was in a grade above me . . . ah, I'll cope with it lol considering the dude ahead of me, Brian, ah he makes me look like a retard playing the clarinet. Also, for bio, let's just say I'm gonna fail. I forgot about my project over the weekend (we had to write about a disease with our partner and present it to the class) and I was absent yesterday. Since there was no school today on election day and the projects due tomorrow, I'm doomed! My partner usually relies on me soooo yup ... dead! Oh well, what comes, comes. Not the end of the world, just kinda upsetting. Yesterday, I felt like such a retard - me and Katie bought a whole french silk pie at Tops (we live right next to a Tops, so we just hop the fence and we're there) and since I'd never had it, we decided it was only five bucks. Dude, I felt so fat when I ate that crap but it was ... good! Lmao - we went on a bike ride later at night, though so we got some excercise in (even though it was painful since I was having cramps). I think I'll go do my essay for English now!

November 2, 2006- Halloween was fun - I dressed up like a punk pirate as planned; I went with Katie and Kailey to Strongsville to trick or treat. Katie's aunt lived there so no big deal; we weren't like strangers, really. Though, confidentially, I did feel sort of out of place - I personally believe that lately Katie's been acting weird towards me lately. I don't know WHY; sort of bitchy, if you asked me! What did I do wrong?! Really. Oh well, her loss I suppose. Anyway, moving on - I got Aaron from Trendy to play a show at my friend, Ash's house on December 21, 2006! It's going to be a sort of High School Christmas Bash - yes this means just people from my high school or friends are invited! Otherwise, we're making you pay fifteen bucks to get in! Haha, well it's not like anyone reading this knows where she lives; and you probably don't care much so probably YOUR loss this time. : D And I'm kind of happy my bio partner didn't leave - well not yet anyway; yay I'm still smarter than someone in bio ... and I'll still have someone decent to talk to in class besides the freaky dude behind me ... the one's not bad though. And uh well, I went to church choir practice tonight. It actually went well - despite the fact I'm singing with a bunch of old sixty year olds ... a couple are in their twenties or thirties - but it's cool with me : ) I'm an alto right now but I might move up to soprano since it's a little low for me, but who knows? I'm starting out and uh, I haven't sang in a choir for ... years. Since sixth grade maybe! Tired ... now!

October 30, 2006- You wouldn't believe how happy I am right now! I can't wait - though I may be getting excited over nothing . . . but Aaron from Trendy just might be able to play for me and a couple friends at one of our houses!!! *takes in deep breath* Man, I'm obsessed with him and his band - really (I still obsess Green Day more but hey, they love Green Day)! I mean, hell, I have pictures of them in my room! Definitely the only good cleveland band out right now in my opinion! I'm also a little mad my bio partners changing schools grr now I'm all alone in that class : ( lol I still sit close to a smart yet aw crap, I still sit by this annoying smart kid (yeah he's crazy cause he thinks he's a pirate because some distant relative of his was one and he makes all these weird objects - idk he's kinda cool like that - knowing random stuff but he creeps the crap outta' me)! Ah and today, it was fairly warm in Cleveland - me and Katie went out on a bike ride to the Metroparks - I found this stick and we fought each other with the sticks up at the top of all the stairs : ) and then we rolled down this one ENORMOUS (I mean enormous and steep) cliff thing - we thought we'd fall but it was fun - especially singin' railroad songs and screaming coming up - some dude in his twenties thought we were nuts and laughed at us but who cares if we're fools? Well, at least I have no homework.

October 28, 2006- I only just found and decided to put the new Green Day / U2 video up onto the site. I found it on youtube to show you all (where I find all my videos mostly)! and there seemed to be a lot of contradictary comments on both of the bands for the new video. I wasn't all that surprised though considering they're both two completely different bands. Still, some of the comments people remarked to one another were real cruel. I always wonder whenever this topic comes up, 'why can't the fans of both bands just get along and be happy with what a great song their favorite band(s) just made?!' Unless of course they hated the song not just because a band they disliked played with their favorite band, but because they just disliked how the song was remade. But usually that's not the case. Most people are saying 'This new song / video is crap because Green Day / U2's messing it up!' It really bugs me! The new song was for a very good cause. People should understand that. Also, two really great bands coming together to make music, well, let's just say that doesn't happen very often. Both Green Day and U2 have had many accomplishments so neither is better than the other (although, U2 may be a bit more experienced because they're older)! They worked hard on this song and it meant a lot to them to cover this song. I believe it sounds really good and that it was a sweet video despite the fact I'm not that big on U2 - and I don't give a shit what other people say! Yep, you can say I'm a pacifist, in a way! But isn't that much better than arguing over who sucks and what not? Well, I've got my say in there!

P.S. - I was just sort of practicing for a persuasive essay I have to write for honors english next week - this seemed an interesting topic to practice on lol and it's two AM yet I'm thinking about homework . . .

P.P.S. - I just finished marching band tonight, but I didn't get to play my clarinet - it was pouring and I didn't want to ruin my reed. I did march around to the song Holiday doing suicides : ) And yes I was on Fox 8 today - we made fun of the co anchors there - the one dude had a hilarious laugh and well you had to be there. We did ok - the one lady was a bitch but, her problem. But I was tired shitless ALL day cause I woke up at four in the morning to go to the news station with band! But I'm actually fine now. I think the band after - party woke me up - it was at Spencer's house : ) he's cool and Brian was there, Ash, Tharpo (aka Christ - he really does look like Jesus)!, Emily, Spencer (duh, his house)!, Nick Roy (yup, not a bando but he randomly appeared . . .), Morgy (I don't care if he's a geek - he's my geek)!, Louie (for a while lol), Rachel, Dan, several other people, but they're the only ones I talk to most at the parties. Well tomorrow, I'm going to see Hope On A Rope again possibly at the Orange Street (if my Dad can take me and Ash) but I feel so bad for my Dad, sitting there all alone : ( hmm I should do something nice for him. I should sleep soon . . .

October 25, 2006 - God, I hate school right now - but who doesn't hate school, really?!  There's a dude stalking me again (it's not as bad as it was last time but I really don't want to talk about that)!  My friend thinks he likes me, but I don't like him like that at all!  He's more of a friend in my opinion!  Oh well, I will cope!  And this Friday, I'm going to be on the Cleveland Fox 8 News in the morning with the marching band!  I'm excited - I get out of school from 5 AM till 10 AM - and free doughnuts.  But it's the last night for marching band that evening.  I'm gonna miss it, me being a sort of band geek and all.  Last, I might also be going to see Hope On A Rope this Saturday - if I'm lucky!  I hope my Dad says yes and takes me and Ash!  *crosses fingers*

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