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Sweet Quizzes - Note : May or May Not be Green Day related!

Green Day Lyrics Quiz

Green Day Quiz

How Would You Party With Green Day?

What Band Are You?

So, You Think YOU'RE Obsessed With Billie Joe?

Yet Again! What Band Are You (many many many different results)!

What Rock Chick Are You?

What Member of Blink182 or Green Day Are You?

Another Green Day Quiz


What Instrument Are You?

How Will You Die and When?

Hey Basket Case! What's Your Mental Disorder?!

What Piercing Are You?

Which Dead Rock Star Are You?

What Kind of Converse Are You?

The Punks Behind Green Day (another trivia - medium)

HARD! Green Day Lyrics Quiz

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Wake up - the house is on fire

And the cat's caught in the dryer!