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Other Bands

Cool Bands other than Green Day!


Avril Lavigne

Last Conservative

System of a Down


All American Rejects

My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure- This new band is from Pittsburgh PA; their currently recording but I know for a fact that they've finished up with four or five of the songs! Keep checking back to them!

The Science Fair Explosions!- These West Virginians are skankin' it out (mind my corniness). Check them out and feel free to download their music - they wouldn't mind.

Split Fifty- Split Fifty has just released their newest album this past fall, 'Swing from her Fingernails.' These guys always put on great shows and are worth the click. : P

I'll add more bands later! Please, if you know of any good ones you like I didn't yet put on here, please e mail me! I'd be more than happy to put it on! Or, you can send me a pic and info of your band, and I'll add that here!

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