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Band Member Random Info

Info on all the members of Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong Random Facts
- Billie Joe used to have a nose ring but he took it out because it got caught on his shirt
- He sometimes suffers from panic attacks and anxiety
- His cat Zero died in a washing machine
- Billie Joe's nickname in high school was Two Dollar Bill because he sold joints for two dollar
- Billie Joe wears Jockey underwear
- He put 409 in his teachers coffeemaker
- Billies first guitar Blue was given to him from his father right before his father died ... Blue is retired now though
- Billie wrote 2000 Lightyears Away after kissing Adrienne for the first time
- His birthday is on National Cabbage Day
- Billie Joe was #8 on his football team at John Swett High School
- He likes to read ... I think Catcher In the Rye might be his favorite book

Mike Dirnt Random Facts
- Mike co - owns / partially owns a cafe in Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe in Emeryville California (they serve pancakes there teehee ... and have pickles lmao ... I know I'm weird)
- Mike smoked his first joint with his Mom's friend
- He firmly believes dogs will take over the world
- He got mistaken for an ambushing fan at Woodstock 1994 and his teeth got knocked out
- Mike wrote the bassline for Longview when he was high so he forgot it the next day
- He likes coffee quite a bit
- Mike rented a part of Billie Joes house to live in in high school

Tre Cool Random Facts
- Tre once milked a dog because he wanted milk in his coffee
- Tre only has one ball because he lost the other one in a unicycle accident when he was riding it at a high school somewhere . . . and he fell so the one went up his body
- Tre is the only person to climb the Universal Studios ball (he did this at the MTV music awards in 1998)
- Tre likes Nurrsery Rhyme music / Fisher Price etc
- He likes to golf
- Tre likes his shoes
- Tre has his left nipple pierced (I think he took it out now though)


Green Day Info!

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