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Ok, this is my Green Day fan site. I am in no way connected to any of the members of Green Day, nor do I know their HOME adresses. I'm just another fan who like all the others wants to make a site on my favorite band, Green Day.

July 21, 2010:
- I updated most of the video page and I sort of changed the band biography. The bio is definitely styled a bit different--I turned it into more of a narrative as opposed to a bunch of facts or list of happenings. It was something I did for my creative writing course, so hopefully you guys agree with it. The majority of info. there is factual (aside from a few band name / venue guesses). I worked really hard on it, got an A+, so there ya go. :) I've also updated the discography / lyrics, so I'm working on 21st Century Breakdown lyrics, now. I think I'll try and come on more now that I've got a laptop I can carry around places. Peace out.
~ Megan
July 20, 2010
- I decided to come back on in 2010 ... finally! I'll post a few things now, since I know I'll forget or not be motivated to do so later.
~ Megan
2007? Ok
- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BILLIE JOE! I must say, I feel pretty dumb and guilty because I almost forgot today was his birthday! Well, he's 35 now, what more can I say?! Hm. I can say I added about twelve more Billie Joe pictures in the picture section (check it out, I think it looks just great)! and I've finished ALL Green Day song lyrics except for Insomniac (I'm half way finished with that). I've actually worked really hard this morning and I feel kind of PROUD of myself lmao. Hope whoever comes here appreciates this! Please, answer my new survey. I need to know what to work on, here!
If you have any quizzes you have made, bands for my tour page, or anything you'd like me to add on the site, email me, really. My email is :

Santa Basket Case with Reindeers Singing CLICKY its funny - and it actually IS almost Christmas time, again. I was just too lazy to take this down.

What is your favorite Foxboro Hot Tub song?

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Thought I'd update with a newer photo!
Courtesy to GDA for the picture

Welcome to Deadbeat Holiday. I'm still trying to improve it; and yes, a new picture on first page. Ok that's all I had to say!


Band Members
Billie Joe Armstrong - Vocals / Guitar
Mike Dirnt - Bass Guitar / Back Up Vocals
Tre Cool - Drums

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